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Oil And Gas

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The taxation of natural resources is one of the more complicated areas of the U.S. federal income tax system. From the acquisition of the mineral rights, to the exploration and development of the property, to the ultimate production of the mineral, there are unusual and challenging tax aspects along every step of the way. Oil and Gas: Federal Income Taxation is an invaluable single-source handbook for accounting, tax and legal practitioners concerned with financial issues related to oil and gas industry tax law. Updated and revised by noted oil and gas taxation authority and educator, Patrick A. Hennessee, Ph.D., CPA, and Sean P. Hennessee, JD, this detailed reference is divided into six main sections: Introduction to Oil and Gas Taxation, Acquisition of Interests, The Exploration Period, The Production Period, Dispositions, Other Areas.

Harry Heathcote Of Gangoil

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In mid-19th century England, an era full of celebrated novelists, Anthony Trollope was one of the most popular and critically acclaimed of them all. Even today, hisChronicles of Barsetshire series is widely read, as are his other novels, many of which deal with criticisms of English culture at the time, from its politics to its customs and norms. 

Essential Oils

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Unleash the power of essential oils and discover what they can do for your health today! Essential oils have many benefits, and the best part is they're natural! Essential oils are highly concentrated oils derived from plants. They have many benefits and can be used in a variety of ways. But how do you know what type of oil to use and how? Should you ingest it? Dilute it? Diffuse it? Inhale it? Or use it topically? There are so many wonderful options when it comes to essential oils that knowing which one to choose and how to use it can get pretty intimidating. This special step by step guide to essential oils will teach you what essential oils are, which essential oils to choose and how to use essential oils. When essential oils are used properly, they enable you to reap the most powerful benefits from their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory propertiesThe many uses of essential oils Essential oils can be used in your everyday life for aromatherapy, personal care, natural medicine and even as a household cleanerEssential oils can also be used to:

  • Improve Sleep
  • Relieve Tension
  • Relax
  • Massage your skin
  • Calm your upset child
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Clear Acne
  • Detox your body with an essential oils detox bath
  • Enhance your homemade shampoo
  • and much more
When using essential oils it's important to remember to stay safe. This book will teach you about the safety precautions involved in using essential oils.Here is a preview of what's inside
  • Getting to know essential oils
  • choosing the right essential oil
  • Combining essential oils
  • To dilute or not to dilute
  • Much, much more!
      One essential oil can have multiple uses. This book will walk you through the purpose of each essential oil and get you started on the fascinating, life-giving journey of using essential oils to improve your health and well-being.Scroll up and grab your copy now!


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