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Flex Fuel: Will You Bite?

All the talk about gas-electric hybrid vehicles is overlooking another area where fuel economy can be realized. No, I am not talking about diesel engines and I am not even thinking about hydrogen powe........ Read More

Bio-fuels: The Fuel Of The Future

Biomass burning has an overall impact on the atmospheric chemistry as well as the climate. When there is a fire in the savannas, or tropical forests, or like the recent California fire, large quantiti........ Read More

Fuel Your Savings With A New Air Filter

In 1985, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) accounted for only 2 percent of new vehicle sales. But by 2001, one in four new vehicles purchased was an SUV, according to The SUV Info Link Web site. With the ........ Read More

Hydrogen Fuel Cars

A lot of things today can be obtained in an instant. You can find instant food, instant houses, and a lot more. Did you know that you can also convert your car in an instant and have it running usin........ Read More

Future Energy Concepts – The Fuel Cell

With global warming, general pollution and rising fuel prices, our future energy needs are a hot topic. Fuel cells may represent a solution, one coming sooner than later. Future Energy Concepts – ........ Read More

Save Money By Using A Hydrogen Fuel System

For many years now, scientists and researchers are trying to find out an alternative source of fuel energy for cars. They have reached conclusive studies after many years. The fact is, cars won’t ........ Read More

Facts On Fuels

Boaters don't have to be all at sea when it comes to protecting the planet from pollution. As petroleum companies stop blending fuels using the additive MTBE and begin using ethanol blends instead, ma........ Read More

Fuel-saving Suggestions

If going to the gas station fuels your concerns these days, you're not alone. Many factors have caused gasoline prices to fluctuate, including rising global demand for crude oil, tighter supplies and ........ Read More

How To Get Better Fuel Economy

Poor fuel economy can put a costly damper on any summer vacation taken in the family vehicle. But there are a few simple things you can do to enhance your fuel economy no matter what type of vehicle y........ Read More

Do You Realize You Already Use Biomass Fuel In Your Vehicle

The call has gone out from President Bush to kick our oil habit. For many people, the mention of biomass as a fuel source was a new concept. Little did they realize they have already been putting it i........ Read More

Hydrogen And Fuel Cells – Its Advantages

Have you heard about the latest technology that has caught the attention of environmentalists worldwide? Hydrogen technology is not new and it has been around for many years now. Continuous developm........ Read More

Divorce Fuelling Debt Crisis

The high divorce rate of recent in Britain is a major factor leading to ever increasing levels of debt, a new report claimed recently. Debt Free Direct has claimed that the break down of marriages is ........ Read More

Three Ways To Save Fuel And Energy With Magnets.

Copyright 2006 Dr Phil Hariram The theory behind using a powerful magnetic field to improve fuel burn in combustion engines is nothing new. Magnetic fields were use to improve the combustion of fuel ........ Read More

Mazda Fuel Tanks Made More Durable

Fuel tanks could be considered the container of the lifeblood of your Mazda. And that is for the very reason that Mazda fuel tanks act as the reservoir of your fuel. Without fuel, your vehicle surely ........ Read More

Why You Should Fuel Your Generator With Natural Gas

For those people who have invested or thinking about investing in a power generator for back-up power needs, extra electrical needs, or portable electrical needs, a big consideration should be the typ........ Read More


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